Lumina 3D-e Easy

Home care devices provide a wide range of advantages. Applications can be performed in the comfort of your home and thus be more regular, long-term and economical. After receiving a diagnosis from a physician and a consultation we will gladly offer devices suitable for you and, after considering all contraindications, even almost all your  family members.

New and better therapy indication principle

In all Biomag® devices, the programs with the names of diagnoses are completely replaced with a new method of therapy indication.

New Biomag® devices offer a selection of 6 substantially innovated therapeutic effects, which can achieve excellent therapy results when applied twice a day for 20 minutes.

These effects build upon the vast analysis of a multitude of clinical studies from all over the world and are focused on the key therapeutic effects of the pulsed magnetic field.

Biomag Lumina 3D-e Easy - dispozitiv de magnetoterapie pulsatilă pentru îngrijirea la domiciliu.
Picture : Lumina 3D-e Easy

Technical parameters:

  • 3D-e patented Biomag® technology – the second generation of the already-revolutionary pulsed magnetic device
  • 6 innovated 3D-e programs with a therapeutic effect for a wide range of symptoms
  • Colour touch display
  • 4 outputs – entirely independent channels for the newest Biomag® applicators
  • Intensity of up to 35 mT for each output (80% of it is usable)
  • Possibility of starting two independent programs
  • 8 positions for program renaming
  • Frequency of 1-81 Hz for low-frequency magnetic therapy applications
  • Possibility of starting program repetition
  • Operation on an in-built battery (optional accessory)
  • In-built universal supply source for use on all the world’s continents
  • Control menu in 13 languages (de, en, es, it, pl, fr, hu, pt, ru, cs, sk, uk, vi)

Photogallery - Lumina 3D-e Easy