Possibility to alleviate phantom pain

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Possibility to alleviate phantom pain using low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields was tested on 15 patients by the research team of I. Bókkon (2011).

Although there are various treatments prescribed for phantom pain, little evidence exists about the benefits of pharmacological treatment, surgery or interventional techniques. The same can be said about electroconvulsive therapy, electrical nerve stimulation and psychological therapy.

This study based on its results prioritizes the use of pulsed magnetic therapy for decrease of phantom pain.

After only six applications, the majority of patients experienced significant relief of pain in the affected limb. Also, quality of sleep and overall mood improved in most patients. Moreover, no pain relief nor improvement in sleep quality were observed in the control group.

The study therefore recommends pulsed magnetic therapy for phantom pain relief since pulsed electromagnetic fields have undoubtable positive effects on life quality of patients who have undergone limb amputation.

Reference: Bókkon, I. et al. (2011) Phantom pain reduction by low-frequency and low-intensity electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine. 30 (3), 115–127.

Phantom pain reduction by low-frequency and low-intensity electromagnetic fields

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