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The Health and Magnetic therapy Biomag® book certified by the manufacturer provides you with extensive professional information, ranging from initial applications right through to professional use of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy. This well-arranged publication provides you with information on how to achieve the best possible results when applying pulsed magnetic therapy, ranging from private use right through to treatment in large specialised centres. This book is the best and most comprehensive book on pulsed magnetic therapy ever to have been published by Biomag®.

Theoretical knowledge about magnetic fields and therapeutic effects – part A

This part of the book focuses above all on an explanation of the theory and terms used regarding magnetic fields. You will learn what the differences are between individual magnetic fields and also gain information about devices which use pulse magnetic fields and other physical methods in the treatment. The therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields are described in this introductory part.

Options for use and the latest findings – part B

In this part of the book, individual application points for the utilisation of a pulsed magnetic field are described in a well-arranged manner. Individual application points are depicted in a practical manner in a well-arranged diagram of the human body in order to facilitate swift and simple determination of a diagnosis and the site for application of pulsed magnetic therapy.

Summary of cases – part C

In this part, MUDr. Peter Bednarčík, CSc. and his team explain and describe the use of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy using actual cases. The book thus provides valuable information on when and in which conditions this popular rehabilitation method can be used. Certain important information you must be familiar with before safe application is also pointed out here.

Experiences of users and medical centres – part D

Satisfaction and health are always the most valuable reward. Biomag® – a long-term producer of top-of-the-range devices for pulsed magnetic therapy, has provided written records of the experiences of users and medical facilities from its extensive database of customers. This part of the book is thus a unique collection of feedback from users, which is supplemented by the specialist commentary of a doctor. The findings of professionals are also elaborated into graphs and statistics here, which provide a graphic depiction and proof of the results of treatment utilising Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy.

Summary of information and recommendations – part E

Závěrečná The final part of the book focuses on summarising the therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy and recommendations for further sources of information on pulsed magnetic therapy. An extensive index of diagnoses has been included at the very end of the book. This index has been elaborated in such a way that the book can be used as a quick source of information and also as a practical reference book for users of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy.

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