Comparison of four treatments for temporomandibular joint pain

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Comparison of four treatments for temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) was conducted on 72 patients by A. Fouda (2014) from Cairo University in Egypt. Besides the non-invasive laser therapy, dry needling and anesthetics, the effectiveness of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy was also tested.

Dysfunctional myofascial syndrome and its associated pain, temporomandibular joint pain that is the most often one felt in the face, are caused by sensitivity of masticatory muscles in so-called trigger points which eventually restricts mouth opening. The medical team tried to affect these trigger points with four independent therapies within four weeks and thereby determine the most effective treatment.

Non-invasive laser therapy was applied in the first group of patients three times a week. The second group underwent dry needling therapy also three times a week. In the third group, each trigger point was injected with 0.5 ml of 3% mepivacaine three times per week. The fourth group went through three applications of pulsed magnetic therapy a week.

According to the results, the most effective treatment of temporomandibular joint pain turned out to be pulsed magnetic therapy.

Analgesic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has proved most reliable in the alleviation of pain in the face area and most importantly patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder recorded the greatest improvements. Moreover, in combination with arthrocentesis (almost non-invasive joint lavage) pulsed magnetic therapy provides excellent comprehensive treatment solution according to this study.

Reference: Fouda, A. (2014) Comparison between four treatment modalities for active myofascial triggers points. Plastic and Aesthetic Reaserch. 1 (1), 21-28.

Comparison between four treatment modalities for active myofascial triggers points

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